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1kg Lead Shot Pouch - HS CODE - 78060090 C.O.O. - GB

Heavy duty 1 Kg mesh pouch containing un-graphited lead shot for extreme comfort & flexibility, yet another of Beaver Sports man inventions developed over the years to increase the enjoyment of divers worldwide. Designed for use with Weight Integrated B.C.D.'s, Weight Harnesses, Pouch Belts etc. combinations of 1,2 and 3 Kg weights allow perfect buoyancy to be maintained.

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RRP: £11.45

2kg Lead Shot Pouch - HS CODE - 78060090 C.O.O. - GB

The original Beaver invention designed to increase diving enjoyment, this Heavy Duty Mesh Pouch weighs in at 2Kg, containing un-graphited lead shot, extreme comfort & flexibility. Perfect for use with most types of B.C.D.'s with integrated weight systems, Tech Weight Harnesses, and Padded Pouch style weight belts. This innovative product has often been copied but never beaten, insist on Beaver Weight pouches for peace of mind with your buoyancy.

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RRP: £22.90

3kg Lead Shot Pouch - HS CODE - 78060090 C.O.O. - GB

Designed by Beaver Sports and often imitated over the years, the original Beaver Sports Weight Pouches remain the ultimate in precision buoyancy control for sports and professional divers worldwide. This heavy duty mesh pouch contains 3kg of ungraphited lead shot, perfectly suited for use in your Weight Integrated Buoyancy Control Device, Tech Weight Harness or Padded Pouch style Weight Belt. Multiples of 1, 2 and 3 Kg pouches can be combined to obtain the perfect level of buoyancy when diving , regardless of equipment used and location. Don't be fooled by inferior copies of Beaver's original invention, insist on the best, insist on Beaver!!

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RRP: £34.35

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