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Arrow Line Markers

Pack of 5 White Arrow style line markers, designed for marking routes, depths on shot lines, etc. Produced from high tensile polymers which will provide years of trouble free service and allow multiple use on countless occasions. Easy and quick to attach or remove from any suitably sized line.

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Arrow Marker Colours White
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RRP: £3.95-£4.95

Blue Clip Shock Line - HS CODE - 7312102090 C.O.O. - TW

Heavy duty flexible coiled Shock line with rust resistant high strength Black nylon clips with rust free 316 Marine Grade stainless steel securing pin, enabling fast action attachment and quick release when required. Extends to around 75cm when fully deployed. Used to securely attach valuable accessories to a convenient point on other equipment when stowed, then conveniently accessed for use when required. Extremely strong transparent coiled line with Blue coloured webbing and internal shock line.

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RRP: £17.25

Black Clip Shock Line - HS CODE - 7312102090 C.O.O. - TW

High Strength Black Shock line with Black corrosion resistant attachment clips ensure reliable operation even when used continuously in sea water. Fast action quick release attachment clips allow fast and simple fastening to valuable equipment and a suitable point on a Divers B.C.D., Tech Harness or Wing. Extends to around 75cm when fully deployed, ensuring that your equipment remains attached and is in no danger of being lost in limited visibility conditions. Use to securely attach accessories which may be required during your dive and safely store when not in use.

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RRP: £17.25

Drift Hook, Line and Pouch - HS CODE - 40159099 C.O.O. - TW

2 metre long adjustable nylon webbing line, manufactured from tough 25mm gauge webbing with 5mm diameter 304 Marine Grade High Tensile Stainless Steel Drift Hook, designed for regular use in sea water without any issues caused by corrosion. Supplied complete with a tough black nylon storage Pouch which features simple and quick to use Velcro opening and closure and integral Polymer Nylon D-Ring which can be used for attaching to a suitable position on a SCUBA Diving Harness or Buoyancy Control Device.

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RRP: £17.75

Black Loop Shock line - HS CODE - 7312102090 C.O.O. - TW

Extra Heavy Duty Shock line with clip, split ring, cord locked loop & integral quick release buckle. Extends to approximately 75cm maximum length. Used to attach accessories that need to be stowed then easily accessed when required. Black Nylon Clips, Connections and 25mm wide hi-grade webbing.

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RRP: £17.25

3 metre Buddy Line with 2 Size 1 Snap Hooks - HS CODE - 39269099 C.O.O. - TW

25mm webbing & 2 size 1 snap hooks on 3 metre long 25mm wide high visibility yellow webbing. Used to ensure your buddy or trainee is close at hand & provides a means of signalling.

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RRP: £17.95

Mini Sea Coil Retractor Line - HS CODE - 7312102090 C.O.O. - TW

Extremely compact retractor line with rust free split ring with an external diameter of 32.5mm & heavy duty swivel attachment clip with strong stainless steel spring loaded gate. Extending to around 45cm when fully deployed. Perfect for the attachment and convenient storage of lightweight accessories, up to a weight of 275 Grammes. Such as Dive Slates, Compasses etc. which may be easily accessed when required. Beaver provide a large range of attachment Clips, Coils and Lanyards, with an off the shelf solution to suit virtually all requirements. Further details can be found on this website, or from you Beaver Retail Specialist.

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RRP: £15.65

Quick Attach Stainless Steel Spring Line - HS CODE - 731210200 - C.O.O. TW

Stainless steel bolt snap, cord locking lanyard for high security & quick attachment. Extending to around 75 cm when fully deployed. Use to attach accessories and stow then conveniently and easily access them when required.

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RRP: £24.75

Stainless Steel Carabiner Cable Spring Line - HS CODE - 731210200 - C.O.O. TW

Extremely strong, highly flexible cable line with rust resistant stainless steel Carabiner clips for high security & fast action release. Extending to around 75 cm when fully deployed. Used to attach accessories stowed then conveniently accessed when required.

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RRP: £23.95

Short Nylon Spring Line - HS CODE - 7312102090 C.O.O. - TW

Extendable spring line equipped with two split ring attachments. Extends to over 1.5 metres & is suitable for a multitude of applications.

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RRP: £9.35

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