Created on 29/05/2013



Beaver’s Dive and Surface horn is a piece of safety equipment that could mean the difference from being located and not! The compact and lightweight pneumatic surface and underwater horn is specifically designed to help attract the attention of others by emitting a loud audible sound. The surface horn produces a high pitch, resonating frequency that can be heard for over 100 metres. The underwater horn produces a 125 dB tone that can be used to alert your buddy or other divers whilst under the water. Constructed from durable, high tensile polymer and rust free stainless steel, featuring standard QD fittings for easy connection to most types of BCD Direct Feed hose. A small, discrete piece of equipment that packs a punch of sound that can be heard over a great distance, greatly adding to safety while on and in the water.

Product Code: DSH

R.R.P. £44.95