Created on 23/05/2013



Traditional and proven with the test of time, ultra bright 20 Watt, 8 degree beam, 200 lumen rechargeable dive lamp provides a clean and crisp beam of light in the oceans darkest conditions. Manufactured with a protective abrasion resistant front cover to guard against knocks and assist in providing reliable service for many years. Perfect as a main dive torch as the impressive 66 minute burn time paired with the comfortable hand grip help the Nova-Light out shine many similar models! Supplied with optional 10 watt bulb which doubles the burn time if desired and strong wrist lanyard which ensures extreme comfort.

Available from all leading SCUBA Stores priced at around a mere £88.00. Check out Beaver's full range of outstanding torches at

66 minute burn time at 20 Watts.

130 minute burn time at 10 Watts.

Waterproof to 100 metres.


Product Code: LT NOV

R.R.P. £88.00